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Pre-Employment Dental Requirement


Dental Pre-employment Screening is the process of basically using the Mouth Mirrors and Explorer to check clinically the status of oral health, Dental history background checks are part of the interview process, and some may requires dental x ray for further dental assessment. All Dental examination is only significant clinical assessments of current health status and does not attempt to predict any future deterioration unless the employer can demonstrate that it is reasonable to do so.

Importance of Standardizing Dental Requirement during pre-employment is the most cost-effective way to:

  • Hire great performers who help you make a profit
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve training program results
  • Promote Dental Health within the working area.

Standard Category of Pre-employment Status:

  1. Highly Recommended (Class A). Pertains to patients with totally cleared Dental status. All Dental cavities have been filled (Both Deep and Incipient Dental caries), Absence of tooth to be extracted, no impacted teeth observed and no other major and minor dental problem as basically and clinically assessed by the company dentist. A patient is not currently complaining of any pain or discomfort to the oral cavity.
  1. Recommended BUT needs Dental Follow-up (Class B). Pertains to patients where all acute and chronic dental concerns limited to Extraction cases and Deep Dental caries restoration have been treated. The rest of the minimal Dental problem which is present in the oral cavity are expected for dental follow-up during employment or within six months from the date of checkup.
  1. Not Recommended (Class C). Pertains to a patient that shows significant chronic and acute dental problems (Deep or numerous dental Caries, Gingivitis or bleeding gums, fractured teeth, infected teeth, impacted teeth, and other major / minor dental problems.).


MagnifiDENT Inc Pre employment Standard Requirement is that the applicant should not begin employment if the above requirement (Class A and B) is not met unless specific directives or exception is granted by the HR Manager or Facility Director thru formal and official writing.

Discrimination is not unlawful where it is reasonably necessary to protect the health and safety of any person including the person discriminated against. “Reasonably necessary” is a strict test which implies that all other practical measures to protect health, safety, and the property has been considered as an alternative to the discrimination. Occupational health and safety arguments should not be used as an excuse to further screen out workers when, in reality, there is no objective risk to health and safety.