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Dental Diagnostic Tool

Dental Diagnostic Tools

Here is the list of available dental diagnostic tools in our clinic.

  • Lateral Panoramic X-ray
  • PA Cephalometric X-ray
  • Dental Panoramic X-ray
  • TMJ ( relax & Open)
  • TMJ ( Relax & Bite)
  • Vertex X ray
  • Dental Periapical X-ray
  • Bitewing X-ray
  • Occlusal X-ray
  • Diagnostic Cast
  • Intra-oral Photos
  • Extra-oral Photos
  • Lateral Ceph READING / ANALYSIS
  • Panoramic READING / ANALYSIS
  • Diagnostic Cast READING / ANALYSIS
  • PLAQUE check
  • SALIVA check

X-ray Plate Policy

Borrowing / Lending X-ray Plate

X-ray plate is part of the clinic dental records and is not automatically given to patients. What the patients pay for are the services rendered and interpretation only (except for those referred for x-ray). X-ray plate maybe lent to patients provided there is written request from referring doctor and approval of MagnifiDENT Inc attending dentist. This is done especially for Medico-legal purposes or when the other dentist requests the release of x-ray plate for comparison or review.